There Is Nothing To Fix Author Sue Jones is Today’s Honoree

Since 2006, author and innovator Sue Jones has been directing a nonprofit organization whose mission is to catalyze women to become positive change-makers in the world. Over the past decade, she has developed an evidence-based curriculum, a methodology, and a theoretical roadmap to bring rehabilitative mind-body practices to female trauma survivors.

     She is a leading voice on the subject of mind-body practices for addressing trauma, self-regulation, and empowerment. She has trained, inspired, and lead thousands of women who have taken her method into their work as yoga teachers, social workers, psychologists, advocates, medical providers, teachers, mothers, and community leaders. Her work has spanned the globe, empowering women across the U.S., Haiti, Tehran, Iran, Kenya, and in 2020 Rwanda.

    Whether through mentoring and consulting, or workshops and public speaking, Sue inspires change in individuals and encourages the spread of that change through relationship.

     Sue’s life and work with have been profiled by CNN, Fox News, and numerous publications including, Shape Magazine, The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Whole Living magazine, Elephant Journal, Body + Soul Magazine, Yoga International Magazine, and most recently by Rick Hanson for his Foundations of Well-Being Course. Sue’s first book,  There is Nothing to Fix has received international acclaim.

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