Fashion Designer Elle B Mambetov is Today’s Honoree

Born July 16, 1985 to a single mother in the south of the United States, fashion designer Elle B Mambetov had lived a lifetime of tales by the tender age of 33. The Texas native has traveled the world, and most notably built brands in foreign lands, becoming a London Fashion Week designer at the age of 26. Her personal journey has been one of resilient perseverance which at different times has seen the designer homeless, doing business deals with former Prime Minister David Cameron’s adviser, and securing sponsorship deals with Toni & Guy and Evian. From the United States to China, to the United Kingdom, the fashion designer and now author and prison reform activist is expelling her journey of how an African American female can go from the catwalk to the confines of prison; cross borders, break barriers and bounce back after each pitfall to create her womenswear brand Elle B Zhou. The designer has been very open about how racism and discrimination play a huge part in the justice system, and how these prejudices in a broken system can unjustly and quickly snatch one’s life and way of existence away.

In addition to launching her 2nd Semi-Annual Benefit Presentation for her luxury brand Elle B Zhou, Elle has most recently been named an Ambassador for FEED, an organization founded by Lauren Bush Lauren which strives to FEED the children of the world.

Visit for more information.

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