Annalise Hair & Company Owner Kandra Hughley Dorsett is Today’s Honoree

Kandra is the owner of Annalise Hair & Company. Inspired and mentored by her personal hair stylist, Mrs. Susie, Kandra began pursuing her passion for hair in 2004. Humbled by her beginnings of a shampoo girl and realizing the dedication and need for healthier hair care, she pursued and obtained a Master of Cosmetology license in 2016.

Annalise Hair & Co. was founded in 2018 and named after her daughters Annabelle Katelyn, (6 years old) and Shauni Elise (2 years old). They serve as the foundation of her life and the motivation she carries with her daily to be the best mom, master cosmetologist and owner she can be.

The main goal of Annalise Hair & Co. is to provide clients with healthy hair maintenance in the chair as well as take-home knowledge to ensure they are educated with the information needed for everyday hair care. Specializing in blow outs, natural hair care and weaves, Kandra loves to make her clients feel beautiful and is filled with purpose when smiles appear on the face of a client after the completion of a service. Kandra adores using her passion to bring out her client’s beauty and she looks forward to having you sit in her chair!

Visit for more information.

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