FounderPool Co Founder Chandra Duggirala is Today’s Honoree

FounderPool de-risks startup entrepreneurs by sharing equity with other top VC-backed founders as a community of practice. Joining a pool diversifies risk and unlocks your illiquid shares to invest in the best startups who, in turn, are invested in your success.

Chandra started out as a doctor and after medical school, was in a PhD in Biophysics and bioinformatics before dropping out, but found his calling through entrepreneurship.Chandra has been a founder for the last 8 years, starting with a medical device company in metabolic health (Novobionics, Inc) which created a novel technology to treat obesity and Type 2 diabetes. He then founded an AI-based personalized nutrition company Fuel, which allowed meals to be personalized based on genomic, metabolic and activity levels in realtime. He is passionate about reducing real barriers to entrepreneurship and decentralizing finance and opportunity.

Visit for more information.

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