HBCU Supporter Chris Paul of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder is Today’s Honoree

As I watched the NBA game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets I noticed that Chris Paul was wearing HBCU schools on his sneakers and with further research I saw that when he enters the NBA Bubble before the games CP3 is wearing HBCU on his masks, shirts and sweat shirts.

It is easy to get caught up in the success of Chris Paul off the court with his State Farm commercials, his 300 bowling games or the fact that he has won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, two Olympic Gold Medals and a 9 time NBA All Star.

This is why with everything going on in the world that his hashtag #CantGiveUpNow is important on his social media. My mom told me the same thing when I could not get into college at first, You #CantGiveUpNow so I kept applying and an HBCU saved my life.

Chris with the help of his stylist Courtney Mays is helping change the world by representing one HBCU at a time. In Courtney’s own words “I’ve found my voice and my purpose as a stylist with Chris, because we’re able to use fashion and sport to really champion things that are important to us.”

Please visit https://www.chrispaul3.com/ for more information.




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