Unique Flavors Teas Founder Anthony Richardson is Today’s Honoree

Unique Flavors Teas were founded and created in Atlanta, Georgia by Anthony Richardson originally from Cantonment, Florida. A truly humble man who is best described by those who surround him as a “show person” and a true man of his word.

Anthony created and showcased his beverages on his visually live online show, Luv & Rhythms. With an extensive resume spanning over twenty-five years in the music and movie industry, Anthony has worked with countless actors and recording artists and created his own company, Nustarr Records.

Today, Anthony is the Founder and CEO of Unique Flavors Teas, an award-winning tea company that originated on his live radio show and he began sharing his tea with family and friends…their reactions were astonishing.

A refreshing beverage made with fresh brewed tea, real fruit juice and organic pure cane sugar was the foundation of Anthony’s recipe. Topping that with the most uniquely blended flavors has everyone who tastes it, wanting more.

Anthony is proudly leading their team to bring Unique Flavors across the country for all to enjoy.

Visit https://uniqueflavorsteas.com/our-company/our-founder/ for more information.

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