The Red Lipstick Hustler Lille Young is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Lillie Young a true diamond. A survivor of a broken  childhood filled with vicious acts of sexual, emotional and physical abuse she refuses to allow her past to control her destiny. She sets her goals high and worked to achieve them. On the way she experienced challenges, trials and tribulations; and in overcoming them she set the world on fire! She burned down the road blocks, with prayer as her weapon, and she walked away unbothered. Being kicked and punched by life she has never given up. Instead she continues to succeed while sporting her trademarked red lipstick. When asked what is her special power she replies, “With God, prayer, my daughter, and my red lipstick, I set the world on fire!”

About Lillie:

Lillie Young’s debut autobiography, “The Purple Cinderella” shattered walls and pulled back curtains on the silent world of childhood abuse. Since, she has intrigued us with “The Story of Kate” and most recent Lillie is painting the literary scene Red with “The Red Lipstick Hustler”. This prolific speaker, host and actress shares personal accounts within, detailing her own experience with childhood molestation and what it took to overcome the painful past and embrace her present. Using her platform, Ms. Young inspires other victims to reach past all the hurt and pain and find their voice.

She is a sought-after host, guest judge and actress with on screen appearances in Fox’s “The Resident” and Lifetime’s “Bring it”, “American Soul”, “The Bobby Brown Story” and several more. Lillie’s story has also been featured in several magazines and radio shows.

Lillie grew up a country girl in Spartanburg, SC with aspirations of moving to the Big City. Since moving to Atlanta, Ga she has become an inspiration and has been using her success to spread the message of encouragement, courageousness and redemption at seminars, conferences, churches and schools.

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