Hugs No Slugs Founder Aleta Clark is Today’s Honoree

Aleta Clark, coined as Englewood Barbie, founder of Hugs No Slugs, developed the initiative to promote nonviolence in underprivileged neighborhoods on the Chicago’s Southside. The foundation was created in light of the fatal shooting of Tyshawn Lee, the young nine year old victim of a targeted shooting; Clark desired a haven for the children of Englewood. As a resident, Clark continues to serve those in need. In order to finance the foundation, she sells “Hugs No Slugs” t-shirts to raise money to help those who are victims of violence and poverty.

HugsNoSlugs is a 501c3 foundation in place to help the community. As a unit we service everyone from children to the ones living under the viaduct in the cold. A consistent love cycle is what’s needed in Chicago. As a people we have to change the narrative that earning respect comes from hurting people when it should come from helping people all the time. When dealing with children I research all resources available & use them to create a consistent productive, positive, safe educational and recreational atmosphere for the youth.

When feeding My Friends that live under the viaduct I’ve adopted the responsibility of making sure they have a hot full course meal every-night for the entire winter. I reconnect them with their families and help them rehabilitate themselves.

HugsNoslugs moves in memory of all the people in Chicago whom have lost their lives due to gun violence, and we strive to work as hard as possible to prevent such tragedy from continuing to occur. We have to put the love back where their is no hope  so we aim to reach everyone we can.. as a unit as a community and as the people. Together we can do it! So many people have began to get involved, HugsNoSlugs appreciates all the support past & present.

Please visit for more information.

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