SoberBuddy Co Founder Paul Brethen is Today’s Honoree

As those fighting addiction struggle more than ever without a support system, SoberBuddy, an evidence-based virtual drug and alcohol recovery coach, has announced the launch and availability of the company’s groundbreaking app. The SoberBuddy app is designed to walk anyone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction through each stage of recovery in a fun and easy to understand way without fear of shame or judgement – and without having to risk exposure to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“On the road to drug and alcohol addiction recovery, a companion can be a critical ally. Whether it’s an AA meeting or that co-worker you bond with during breaks, it’s helpful to know that you are not suffering alone,” said Paul Brethen, co-founder of SoberBuddy. “However, with the outbreak of coronavirus and its deadly disease COVID-19, such support systems have dried up for millions recovering from substance use disorder nationwide, throwing their sobriety and mental health in jeopardy during one of the most stressful global calamities in recent memory.”

SoberBuddy is a virtual coach and has been developed with the intention to provide support that is entirely automated based on a complex decision tree created by in-house experts. The only app on the market offering substance use recovery SoberBuddy sends customized daily challenges based on each user’s current situation to help build the skills needed at each stage of recovery. It is designed to accommodate an all-encompassing range of recovery stages, whether you’re just starting out or have been sober for years. With more than 10,000 users and counting, SoberBuddy has also proven to be an effective and calming virtual presence during these anxious times.

“SoberBuddy is much more than your average app or recovery tool; it’s a companion that provides support without bias,” Brethen said. “SoberBuddy is approachable, accessible and a valuable resource created to help more people get the help they need.”

SoberBuddy checks on you daily to learn the status of your sobriety and how you’re feeling. Then, SoberBuddy provides encouragement and empathy based on your mood. Additionally, the app keeps track of the challenges you’ve accepted and completed, the lists you’ve created and your time sober.

“We want to completely recalibrate the way people approach and think of the recovery industry,” said Tara Schiller, co-founder and creative visionary behind SoberBuddy. “The methodology, technology and care that we’ve put into SoberBuddy is purpose-built to support each individual user throughout their recovery journey and also has the flexibility to be integrated into everything from hospital ER systems, company HR systems, primary care physician offices, recovery clinics and anywhere else someone might go that is in need of care for their addiction.”

In addition to the SoberBuddy app, the free (and rapidly growing) SoberBuddy email sends a daily bite-size challenge, motivational messages, tips and resources based on the user’s specific drug of choice, condition and stage of recovery.

To learn more about SoberBuddy and the company’s groundbreaking virtual drug and alcohol recovery coach technology, please visit

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