Podcast Host Evan McDermod is Today’s Honoree

Evan McDermod is a teacher, healer and consciousness explorer. In June of 2017, Evan experienced what can only be described as a Quantum Spiritual Awakening. Upon analyzing his life situation, he realized he was not living to his highest potential and true purpose.

Since, Evan has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. He realizes his true purpose is to reconnect people with the interconnectivity that exists between all life. We all have a purpose inside of us, a unique talent, that can be used to help the greater good. Work with Evan to help identify what that looks like for you.

The Podcast:

A Mindfulness Podcast telling the story of interconnectedness. We are dedicated to bettering the human condition and bringing us together as one. Let’s explore new ideas, expand our worldview, and create a planet where everybody has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.  Available on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Visit https://www.evanmcdermod.org/about for more information.

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