Science Fiction Author Yvette Kendall is Today’s Honoree

Yvette Kendall is an American Author from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Kendall is the author of *“The GOD Maps” SciFi Series and the creator of the new SciFi sub-genre “Biblical Futurism”*. Her initial offering of The GOD Maps, Volume One (the first in the trilogy series) has been met with an instant fan-base and great reviews! Volume I was released in April of 2019 and she is working hard to complete Volumes II & III of that Trilogy. The GOD Maps has become a source intellectual debate among readers due to is well-meshed theme of Religion and Science.

“Biblical Futurism is a new sub-genre of Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction; that is based on contents of the bible and other well-known (lesser-known) religions and religious sects.  Whereas biblical accounts and allegory are given plausible SciFi explanations.  It’s also where Science and Technology are merged with the prophecies and revelations provided by scriptures.”

Recently, Kendall became the first female writer for a Zombie Anthology published by Caliber Comics. This experience catapulted her into the world of comic book content development. In addition to that, Kendall will be publishing her own brand of Zombie Anthologies named *”The American Zombie Chronicles”* and a Children’s Zombie Collection under her publishing company Stravard Lux Publishing House, which includes Element 99 Publications, the in-house comic book publication. The first book in that children’s collection is called “A Zombie For Mommy!”.

Visit for more information.

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