Author Wayne Pounds is Today’s Honoree

About the Author:

Wayne Ethan Pounds is an author, screen writer and technical literature writer. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, but was born and raised in the great state of OH-IO. Wayne married his wife Hermine at the tender age of 19. At the time of publication, they have been married for 35 yrs 9 months 29 days 7 hrs And 23 mins.

He is a father of four and the grandfather of three. As a child, Ethan loved basketball and roller skating. As a teenager he mastered the unicycle, played basketball on it, wore number 23 and performed in Spain. He was 20 yrs old when he wrote the original prophetic script concerning Lebron James in 1984. Now we are all witnesses!

This is not just a sports story. This is not just a political story nor is this just a pop culture story. This is a story about a script that was written in 1984 about a star baller , who cares deeply about his community, who has no father in the home, with the last name James who skipped college and went straight to the pros just like Lebron James.

Back cover of the Book:

I believe and will testify to all facts herein. I believe that this is a prophetic message to our nation sent 35 years ago from God for today.

Lace up your Nike’s as we take a 35 year journey starting in 1984, the greatest year in NBA off court history. Michael Jordan was drafted, then Lebron was born in Akron Ohio and a Stern new commissioner named David stepped up to the plate.

The story timelines MJ’s career, Lebron’s life and the NBA, quilted together with pop culture, politics and the life of the young Scribe (writer) who copyrighted the script when he was 23 years old.

We end the timeline in 2018, then we shoot  forward 23 years with a bold prediction of America’s future around the season 2040-2041, and now, We Are All Witnesses!

Visit for more inforrmation.

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