THRIVE Time Creator Sheree Y. Jones is Today’s Honoree

Sheree Y. Jones is a Brooklyn, New York native, born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Her vocation is to help people achieve spiritual wellness through healing and rejuvenation in order to be victorious in all aspects of life. She believes that God has ordained us all to THRIVE – not merely survive. She is the creator of a movement called THRIVE TIME which offers seminars and self-care activities that promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Sheree is an ordained reverend who travels across the country preaching and teaching messages of hope and redemption.  She is also a trained chaplain with diverse experience providing pastoral counseling to adults and children.  She is most proud of her work as a hospice chaplain where she had the privilege to assist people in gaining spiritual peace as they approached the end of life and counseled families as they prepared to bid farewell to their loved ones.

Sheree earned her Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, with concentrations in Pastoral Care and Preaching as well as a Master of Science in Urban Policy Analysis & Management from New School University.

She is married with three children and they are a constant source of inspiration.  She knows that in order to be fully present for her family, she must take some THRIVE TIME to replenish her spirit.

Sheree has a thirst for knowledge and a passion for empowering people.  Who knows what’s on the horizon for her as she strives to THRIVE!

​Visit for more information. 

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