CEO of Techees and The Millionaire Recruiter Brianna Rooney is Today’s Honoree

I’m a Woman, a Mom, a CEO, a Recruiter, a Leader, a Career/Interview Coach, and a Chief Diversity Professional. I’m always ready to make sure you’re as successful as possible! Everyone has different needs, different wants and different dreams. Some people don’t know what they are yet. I’m here to pull those out of you and make you and your company highly successful.

Recruiting is never easy but it’s not meant to be hard. It’s a process that you have to go through. One in which you want to get right the first time and most importantly something you should do with dignity and grace. We’re not here to throw as many resumes at you as possible. Or on the engineer side, as many companies as we can push through your email. Techees Recruiting is here to make the search for the right company and the right engineer as fun and painless as possible.

This is your career, not just a job. Your livelihood, the reason you’re away from your family and the same thing that gives you an extra skip throughout the day. Don’t just go through the motions, tackle your challenges and push yourself for more.

As The Millionaire Recruiter, I have taken on a new exciting challenge. To give back to an industry that has treated me so well. As tech grows, the recruiting world grows. It’s grown so fast that the recruiting talent hasn’t been able to catch up.

I have come up with a 6 week bootcamp and 3 hour training eCourse that gives you everything you need to know to be the best technical recruiter. I have spent over 10 years perfecting the way I train. It’s now available to everyone as if they were hired as a Techees employee. I take pride in making sure everyone I train has all the skills needed to make sure companies big and small are able to find and hire the best engineering talent around.

Come check me out at and

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