Customer Service Coach Raymond Baxter is Today’s Honoree

Affectionately known as “Coach Baxter”, Ray has always been recognized as a top performer both in the world of athletics and consumer services. Not only does he have former players that have reached the pinnacle of athletic success in the National Football League, Coach Baxter has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, as well as the New York Times with impactful and innovative athletic programs, and been awarded with numerous accolades at every stop he has made. From Congressional recognition to corporate national customer service prominence, Coach has traveled internationally studying differentiating cutting edge performance to enable client services.

In 2017, Coach Baxter started Coach Ray Speaks, with the goal to provide an energetic, strategic and profitable approach to organizational front lines. As an experienced facilitator, Coach teaches the responsibilities of leaders in any organization is to establish the availability and credibility of the customer service group increases the profitability of the business. Common sense approaches that add value to the customer, without stunting the growth of the relationship. Also, teaching the concept creating service level expertise within a customer service unit, as well as engineering the confidence of reps to their customers, but allowing confidence to brand and corporate culture.

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