Life Coach for Women María Tomás-Keegan is Today’s Honoree

María Tomás-Keegan helps women answer the question, “Who am I now?” when they suddenly feel as if life has turned them upside down.

María knows first-hand how hard it can be to manage work, family obligations and take care of herself while her personal world crumbled around her. Her usual resiliency was tested.

She also understands how many things can change when life happens. There were so many decisions to be made and many hats to be worn. It was overwhelming and a juggling act.

While managing her decades-long corporate career in marketing, investor relations and public relations, working for small family-owned companies and international corporations, she faced her own share of life transitions.

It was a juggling act. On one hand, it was her busy career. On the other, she dealt with divorce, caring for her parents, relocating, changing careers, remarriage, a layoff, and forced retirement. She learned about resilience, compassion (especially for herself) and what powered her through.

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