Nomadic Songwriter Killarney Star is Today’s Honoree

As an ailing new momma, Kaley Shorter (performing music as Killarney Star) struggled hard to run her music school and take care of her family. Finally self-diagnosing Celiac disease after multiple misdiagnoses including postpartum depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, Kaley took her health into her own hands and slowly began a 6-year journey to optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by developing the ultimate method of clearing clutter once and for all, in the name of pursuing her true purpose and passion – her music.

In 2018 Killarney and her husband and kids sold everything, including their dream house, to reboot her pre-kids, once-successful music career and take it on the road indefinitely. Now living full time in an RV or AirBnBs, she’s written new songs she could never have written at home, and she’s begun recording two new albums: “Midlife Crocus” and a collection of songs influenced by their travels. Playing shows at campsites, in the wilderness, and at house concerts, Killarney is at home wherever their travels take them, singing about love, loss, and their nomad life.

A masterful piano songwriter, Killarney weaves emotion with storytelling to take you on an unforgettable journey. Music artist comparisons from fans have included Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Bareilles, Sia, Imogen Heap, Fiona Apple, and even Bruce Hornsby.

Offering custom-written songs, streaming music on Spotify and Apple, house concerts, life purpose coaching, the ultimate clutter-clearing course, and The 3-Story Song podcast launching Fall 2019, Killarney Star explores her own stories and those of everyone she meets.

Visit for more information.

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