Pennsylvania Devereux Pocono Program Specialist Michelle Gonzalez is Today’s Honoree

During her four years at Devereux Pocono, Michelle Gonzalez has impacted the lives of many with her energetic personality and helpful nature.

In addition to covering her assigned caseload of up to 30 individuals, Michelle consistently goes above and beyond to mentor, assist and support the entire clinical team. Going along with her enthusiastic nature, Michelle wanted to do more for the individuals we serve
and, as a result, launched our annual Field Day event. In addition to creating this special day, Michelle oversees the planning, setup and execution of this special event.

Michelle’s impact goes far beyond her work with our individuals, and translates to our staff, as well. She was identified as a natural servant leader who clearly displays Servant Leadership principles and values in her daily interactions. As a Servant Leadership
Influencer, Michelle works to support the rollout of this initiative by spreading information and awareness, while recognizing others for their efforts. Michelle draws upon the strengths of our staff, our individuals – and their families – to provide quality care, and is a valuable member of the Devereux Pocono team. Michelle is a natural leader and strives to further a culture of caring in everything she does.

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