Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr. Educational Consultant & Student Engagement Specialist is Today’s Honoree.

Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr.  also known as “Mr. Engagement” is the owner of Service Equals Sales Consulting (Atlanta, GA) and he is the National Student Engagement Specialist with the Certified Evidence Based Hustle University (Make-A-Way Educational Consultant Firm.  With his Sales Consulting and over 20 years’ experience in Hospitality and Customer Service “Mr. Engagement” has helped small and large businesses grow in Sales by increasing Customer Satisfaction.  In 2016 Nicholas became the National Student Engagement Specialist for Hustle University.  To captivate attendees “Mr. Engagement” uses his natural sales, hospitality, and customer service strategies to make powerful connections and to impact diverse audiences of all ages worldwide!

Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr. was chosen today because he continues to serve Students, Teachers, & Parents during the world’s darkest times. As we all are affected by the Covid-19 Virus (Corona) “Redd” works closely with his business partner and “Hustle Brother” Hotep of / Make-A-Way Educational Consultants to provide online resources (The Hustle Brothers Clubhouse) to assist Parents & Educators as they search for content for their elementary grade scholars. (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

“I am very excited to offer The Hustle Brothers Clubhouse which is hours full of relevant content including books, activity sheets, puppet cut-outs, coloring sheets and LIVE readings plus more featuring Hotep & myself “Redd”  together known as, The Hustle Brothers!  I am most excited because we made the price super affordable!”, says Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr.

We are honoring “Redd” today as 1 half or the Hustle Brothers for his undying commitment to Serve!!

For more info on the “The Hustle Brothers Clubhouse”  follow this link:

For more on Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr. Visit

Nicholas “Redd” Scott Sr.

Author/Keynote Speaker/Engagement Specialist

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