Pennsylvania Devereux CISD Maintenance Support Dale Baggerley is Today’s Honoree

Dale Baggerley has dedicated the past 10 years to the Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) residential program.

Throughout his tenure, Dale consistently strives to help our employees, individuals and programs grow in a positive manner. As a servant leader, he demonstrates exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers. Dale consistently exceeds
his job expectations. In addition to cleaning and transporting individuals to medical appointments, you often will find Dale with a toolbox fixing miscellaneous items in our units and group homes. Dale is someone who truly understands the importance of physical
plant safety and aesthetics, and has a sense of urgency with regard to inspections, tours and admissions. Dale has been instrumental in mentoring new employees and providing a new and improved look to our center’s physical plant.

Dale’s job title may be maintenance support, but it is his artistic talents that earn him praise and admiration from the youth he serves, his fellow employees and visitors alike. His murals can be found throughout campus. He has turned our cinder block walls
into enchanted works of art. Dale has an extensive process in which he creates his masterpieces. He spends time with our individuals and explores their needs and age ranges, so he can create an environment that is colorful, soothing and developmentally appropriate. Besides making our living areas personable, Dale’s artwork creates a special
therapeutic atmosphere for our individuals, and adds great value to our center.

Dale demonstrates Devereux’s mission, core values and principles of Servant Leadership, which are evidenced by his work ethic, relationships, program enhancements, and his ongoing commitment to Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS.

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