Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS Registered Nurse Liz Frasch is Today’s Honoree

Liz Frasch is a wonderful and highly skilled nurse at our Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) Mapleton campus. A true servant leader, she brings a positive energy and attitude to every interaction. Our individuals enjoy spending time with her, and she treats them with dignity and respect, modeling positive behaviors, and delivering fantastic nursing services.

Liz lives and breathes Devereux’s values. She shows tremendous compassion for children who are not feeling well and are far from home, and she never fails to provide comfort and reassurance.  This also translates to her work with families and co-workers. When a parent who is feeling anxious calls and speaks with Liz, they are immediately put at ease. When other members of the team struggle, Liz lends a helping hand.

Liz is a shining example of dedication and professionalism for all of us at Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS, and a perfect selection for the 2019 Culture of Caring award.

Visit for more information.

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