Pennsylvania Devereux Adult Services Direct Support Professional Miama Leryea is Today’s Honoree

Over the past eight years, Miama Leryea has been steadfast in her commitment to providing quality
services and supports to our individuals. She
consistently goes above and beyond to ensure their
health and safety is reflected in the care she provides.
Miama treats everyone with dignity and respect. She is attentive to their needs and, as a result, has formed endearing bonds. She applies a person-centered approach when caring for our individuals,
and clearly demonstrates passion, dedication and commitment as a direct support professional.

Miama embodies what it means to be a true servant leader. Her demonstration of quality service assists in setting high standards of care for our individuals. She has mentored many staff, lending
her expertise and wisdom. She has impacted the lives of our individuals so profoundly, that those who were once struggling with behavioral challenges are now stable, and their families have expressed their appreciation for the impeccable care she provides.

Miama demonstrates a great love for her profession, as well as for the individuals she serves. She is a perfect example of what it means to be a compassionate and highly effective caregiver, and is most deserving of the 2019 Culture of Caring Award.

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