Snibbs Footwear Founder Daniel Shemtob is Today’s Honoree

In 2015, Chef Daniel Shemtob noticed a significant problem in his field of work; his shoes kept falling apart and he would be in pain after being on his feet for long periods of time. In search for a robust new work shoe replacement, he soon noticed that many of the work shoes were either functional but ugly, or non-functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fed up after destroying pair after pair of shoes in the kitchen, Daniel felt that there had to be a better footwear solution for the workplace. Soon after realizing that there wasn’t, he knew that something had to be created to fill that void. After approaching partners Dr. Snibbe and Haik Zadoyan, the Snibbs brand was born.

The Snibbs team wanted to build something truly special, something that could be called best-in-class. Working with various developers and traveling to multiple conferences, the team explored all possible construction options to achieve the functions that were wanted. In all cases, the best performing and most comfortable materials were used, regardless of higher cost. Why? Because the mission was the build the BEST work shoe, not just another one.

After multiple design revisions, Daniel and Haik traveled to China personally, where they visited their factories and material suppliers to ensure quality from the get-go. They also worked closely with Ortholite to develop the Snibbs insole concurrently. After three years, 35+ revisions of the shoe and 15+ of the insole, the perfect work shoe was finally completed.

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