Restorative Hope, LLC Founder Sonia D. Galloway, Ph.D. is Today’s Honoree

Founded by Sonia D. Galloway, Ph.D. in 2015, Restorative Hope, LLC is a company that facilitates individuals, groups, national and global organizations in resolving intractable conflict using effective non-violent communication training that teaches leadership and collaboration skills.  Sonia has over twenty years of experience as a conflict management and resolution specialist , mentor, social justice advocate, youth advocate, and consultant in her role as a mother, a U.S. Army Veteran, an educator, a guidance counselor, and assistant principal. Sonia’s dynamic personality, intuitive communication skills, and creative intellect have enabled her to successfully analyze conflict and bring about peaceful reconciliation.

Sonia graduated from Tennessee State University with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science 1993, National-Louis University with a Master of Education (Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction) 1999, Wilmington University with a Master of Education (Secondary School Counseling) 2011, and Nova Southeastern University with a Doctor of Philosophy in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (Specialization in International Peace and Conflict) 2014, where she began analyzing, developing, and creating training modules to address current conflicts. Additionally, Sonia has completed a minimum of 40 hours of Basic Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills Training for the Transformative Approach to resolving intractable conflict.

Sonia is an avid traveler and combines her passion for travel with cross-cultural skills within her career of facilitating peace through reconciliation.  With her unique set of creative and interpersonal skills, she uses her ability to connect and relate with very diverse groups of individuals while employing critical thinking in problem solving scenarios.  Sonia’s goal is to globally promote cooperative and collaborative peace-building to resolve conflict through constructive reconciliation.

Please visit for more information.


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