Life Mapping Institute Founder Dana V. Adams is Today’s Honoree

Dana V. Adams is the founder of the Life Mapping Institute and considered one of the country’s top thought leaders on the life mapping process. For decades, first as a student and now as a teacher and mentor, Dana has inspired, empowered, and led thousands to embrace their life’s gifts to live happy, abundant and authentic lives.

Dana discovered the life mapping process reading Bill Cohen’s book Life Mapping. Combining the power of the life mapping process with her life’s gifts of a caring attitude,
responsiveness, professionalism, stellar customer service, and dogged determination, Dana built an award-winning real estate business. She excels in the specialty niche of “Land to Luxury,” selling in-fill land and development property, and marketing the new homes once built. Dana has distinguished herself as a seven-time recipient of the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award, Managing Broker, Master Certified New Construction Specialist, Luxury Marketing Specialist, and Master Certified Negotiation Expert, and is a member of the National Association of Realtors.

A native of Southern California, Dana grew up around commercial fishing. She moved to Kirkland, Washington, with her family in 1979, and after high school worked in the Alaskan fishing industry. She is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in business management and marketing. Still living in her hometown of Kirkland, Dana loves taking long walks along the shores of Lake Washington and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Aside from her four sons, Dana’s passions are a lifelong pursuit of personal development and community service. She has organized community-wide events on opiate awareness
and served on the City of Kirkland Task Force Boards for sidewalks and affordable housing. She currently sits on the EvergreenHealth Youth Mental Health Task Force and has written for Kirkland Living magazine.

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