South African Producer and Director Odette Schwegler is Today’s Honoree

Listed among the 40 most influential people in South African media under 40, Producer/Director, Odette Schwegler is a content specialist with over two decades experience in directing and producing award-winning television. She has established herself as a successful business woman and content strategist; a skilled director and a proficient executive producer.

A keen interest in the ‘human condition’ and an empathy for people who want to tell their stories – whatever the story – give Odette’s work a characteristic authenticity and compassion. Storytelling is her passion, her purpose.

FirstGlance LA Film Festival, on March 14, featured a touching documentary, Tin Soldiers , by acclaimed South African producer and director Odette Schwegler. The film spotlights one of the rarest medical conditions – Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) – which creates a second skeleton for patients as muscle, ligament and tissue slowly turns to bone, sending victims into a spiral towards immobility.  The film, a recipient of multiple international awards and an enviable line-up at top film festivals, is a 79-minute documentary and *centerpiece of a worldwide education and outreach campaign* that aims to reach an estimated 4,000 undiagnosed FOP sufferers giving them access to resources, support and appropriate medical care including access to treatments as they become available.

– Robbed of movement as children, but not their courage, their love, their hope …Tin Soldiers shines a light on the victims of a debilitating disease, the hunt to find a cure, and the search for those still trapped in the unknown.

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