Loaded Boards CEO Don Tashman is Today’s Honoree

Even with Social Distancing, we can still get outdoors and enjoy life with these activities!

These are unprecedented times and we’re all in this together.  As we all know we need to help flatten the virus transmission curve through hygiene and social distancing. Yet life goes on, and we believe that there are some silver linings to this situation: like spending time with loved ones and appreciating the value of the outdoors, fresh air, and sunshine.

When we’re outdoors – in a safe fashion of course – there are tons of fun and cool activities to enjoy! Skateboarding, biking, running, hiking, and even surfing are amazing ways to enjoy the day and can all be done while practicing social distancing.

Loaded Boards, one of the most prestigious and well-known longboard brands with a reputation for high-quality and environmentally friendly products, is helping cultivate these outdoor activities through its diverse line of skateboards and accessories. The Loaded website (loadedboards.com) offers a wide array of unique skateboards and related products, including tons of longboards, the limited-edition Coyote skateboard (featuring graphics from acclaimed artist and illustrator Teddy Kelly), electric skateboard conversion kits, or the ultra-popular Orangatang wheels. Complete, ready-to-ride skateboards start at just $199.

With so much grim news right now, it would be great to give your audience something that’s fun and informative while still upholding our responsibility to social distancing and keeping each other healthy.

Don Tashman founded Loaded Boards in 2002. Passionate about boards sports, functional design, and business in general, Don functions as CEO of Loaded as well as driving product development.  Don holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University and prior to Loaded, Don worked for a couple “dotcoms” in New York in the late 90s which, through cashing out stock options at a lucky time, provided the capital to start Loaded. Don has a family history of entrepreneurialism and product manufacturing stretching back at least three generations. Under Don’s (self taught and often non-linear) stewardship, Loaded Boards has grown to become amongst the most influential longboard skateboard companies with distribution in over 40 countries. Aside from it’s skateboard decks and it’s industry leading Orangatang Wheel line, Loaded has a global distribution partnership with Barcelona based Unlimited Engineering and their electric skateboard kits.

Visit https://loadedboards.com/ for more information

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