Allergy Awareness Educator Melissa Rycroft is Today’s Honoree

Melissa Rycroft, former Bachelor contestant and Dancing with the Stars Season 8 winner, is involved in an education and awareness effort, sharing about her experience suffering from year-round indoor and outdoor allergies. Her hope is to help other allergy sufferers know that there are options including allergy immunotherapy especially for those with multiple allergies and those not responding to existing treatments. Suffering is just not an option.

Melissa hopes to share about, a new website designed to educate on why some people suffer with environmental allergy symptoms and how allergy immunotherapy is different from medicines that only treat your symptoms. The site offers a Doc Finder to locate an allergist in your area, a U.S. map of allergy (pollen) severity in each state, a quiz to evaluate your symptoms, a discussion guide for your allergist visit and much more.

Visit for more information about Melissa Rycroft.

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