Devereux Georgia Housekeeper Lorie Nazian is Today’s Honoree

Devereux Georgia’s housekeeping department plays  a crucial role in maintaining a positive environment at our center. Cleaning is a labor intensive job that does not come with the accolades of other disciplines within the treatment setting. Lorie Nazian works  behind the scenes to maintain the quality and cleanliness of our center. She is always cheerful and enthusiastic.

As a servant leader, she asks everyone, “Is there anything I can do for you?” She takes the initiative to speak to individuals and staff at every level. She also takes her job duties seriously and understands the importance of her role.

Many of our youth come from underprivileged backgrounds. Lorie carries out her duties as if she is working at the finest hotel; she delivers the message that our individuals have worth. This is often where treatment begins. In addition to her housekeeping duties, Lorie has completed required training and is now serving as a part-time direct care professional. In this role, she is a calming influence and is able to supervise our individuals without incidents. Lorie is a great member of our team!

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