Reinvention After Transition Expert Alison Pena is Today’s Honoree

Alison Pena aka Bad Widow, is a lifelong New Yorker, who lives in Manhattan. As a primary caregiver until her husband of 25 years, David, died in her arms at home after an 11-month battle with pancreatic cancer, Alison learned A LOT about living fearlessly, even in the face of death itself.

As a widow, she faced pervasive assumptions that she was broken by her loss, perhaps forever. Alison discovered she didn’t know who she was without him and people who supported her stepped up, stepped back or stepped out. As a result, she was isolated and lonely but could not find resources to answer her challenges so she created them. She began her blog and it resonated with people in similar situations.

She is unafraid of ruffling feathers and having provocative conversations on life and death. Her Bad Widow brand is vulnerable, transparent, brave and inspiring.

Alison loves travel (domestic and foreign), reading and writing, cooking organic meals, NYC and Maine, talking about business and lifestyle to legacy ideas, volunteering at EHS and learning new stuff. She has a strong tendency to be joyful, inspiring and optimistic and to believe in the infinite possibility of people. Alison believes that, if people could shift from surviving to thriving globally, all the world’s challenges could be solved working together.

Visit for more information.

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