Devereux California Registered Nurse Roxane Dryden is Today’s Honoree

Roxane Dryden is a second generation Devereux employee. When Roxane decided to pursue her nursing degree, her parents, who are retired Devereux employees,
encouraged her to consider the nonprofit. In 2015, she joined our team! Roxane began as a registered nurse in our residential program and was quickly promoted to nurse manager. Recently, Roxane elected to transition back to a registered nursing role so she could do what she loves most and have face-to-face interactions with the individuals she serves.

Roxane has proven to be an excellent nurse; she excels at coordinating medical services and is an advocate for our individuals. Building upon our Servant Leadership philosophy, she has created strong working relationships with medical professionals in the community
to ensure our individuals receive the best care possible.

As a servant leader, Roxane is always available to listen and provides support to her colleagues as they manage our individuals’ medical needs. She is respectful, caring and collaborative. Her deep support of our mission is evidenced by her dedication,  commitment, and her consistently kind and genuine interactions with our individuals and staff. Roxane is a true example of what the Culture of Caring Award represents.

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