Devereux Arizona Direct Care, Campus Support Lenny Jeffers is Today’s Honoree

Lenny Jeffers is positive, charismatic, caring and helpful; a leader for our youth and our staff.  After 14 years at Devereux, Lenny’s dedication and commitment to our program continues to grow. He treats others with respect, and his compassion for our individuals extends to knowing what they need before they do. He thinks on his feet, maintains safety on campus, and provides this support with a positive attitude and a smile.

Lenny lives and breathes the philosophy of Servant Leadership by listening, treating others with respect, and leading by example. He is a strong partner who rallies his team to success. He holds others accountable for meeting Devereux’s standards of excellence, but is never afraid to ask for guidance.

It is an honor to recognize Lenny. Although he will be thrilled to receive this  commendation, he is humble and will likely say, “I’m doing what our individuals have taught me: listen to them, teach them, stay calm even when they aren’t, don’t judge them and help them when they are having a rough day.” His knowledge of the population we serve, and our program, is why Lenny is such a valuable asset and most deserving of this Culture of Caring Award.

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