Author RA Anderson is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Two puffin friends are exploring Iceland looking for two little lost lambs, but on the way, they discover their predator the Artic Fox and other animals in Iceland too difficult to ignore. The puffin parents are searching for these two little one’s while realizing Iceland is more than their puffin colony’s cliffs—they find Whooper Swans and a family of sheep in the middle of the street!

Would you like to know what Árni and Birta do when they see a wild reindeer, or what Árni’s parents say when they see turf houses that look like huge burrows? Come along as we explore Iceland, the farmlands, and how Iceland can grow their own fruit when the temperatures are so cold!

In this second book of the Iceland: The Puffin Explorers series, Árni and Birta meet Icelandic horses, sheep, and reindeer, and experience other natural wonders of Iceland. Fun facts are presented throughout the adventure to share interesting things about Icelandic farms and animals, like how sheep roam freely and are protected by laws if they are in the middle of the road.Illustrated with actual photographs taken while the author explored the beautiful country of Iceland, this eye catching picture book is sure to mesmerize young readers.

About The Author:

Author RA Anderson is a wanderer who has lived all over, from California to Belize, and currently, home is a town called Rome, in Georgia that is!

A lifelong passion for creative writing and photography became her life. Her award-winning photographs have been featured in table books, magazines and front-page news, and her writing has been published in magazines, poetry books and children’s books. Her If Pets Could Talk series includes Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals and A Service Dog. Iceland, The Puffin Explorers Series is her newest children’s series. She also recently released a YA book, Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star.

Three boys—her heart and soul—call her Mom. She and her husband are recent empty-nesters, leaving them more time to travel.

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