Jazz Fuel Founder Matt Fripp is Today’s Honoree

My name’s Matt Fripp and I’ve worked as a booking agent & artist manager for jazz musicians for almost 10 years now.

I’ve booked more than 1,500 gigs in that time and have been lucky enough to go to a lot of great festivals and clubs around the world.

I’m based in Europe (which is where a lot of my artists perform), but I’ve also organised gigs and tours in North America & Asia.

Jazz has been a big passion of mine since I was a kid. I started out as a saxophonist, studying a 4-year jazz degree at a London conservatoire, and feel pretty lucky to call ‘going to gigs & listening to music’ my job!

I got started on the business side of music by managing a good friend of mine (Anthony Strong, who I still represent today) and eventually took on a job as a booking agent at a London music group which worked across management, PR & touring with a huge range of jazz talent.

Over the next 6 years there I represented around 20 artists including Kyle Eastwood, Marius Neset, Anthony Strong, Get The Blessing, Natalie Williams, Empirical, Troyka, China Moses, Tim Garland, Food (Iain Ballamy & Thomas Strønen), Hailey Tuck & Michael Wollny.

Today I’m based between London & Paris and, alongside running this site, I do worldwide bookings and management for a small roster of brilliant artists.

From musician to agent

Perhaps due to my own journey from musician to agent, I’m really keen to show people what needs to be done – aside from playing great music – to build a career and reach an ever-growing audience of jazz fans.

I created Jazzfuel in 2016 to share ideas, tools & tips from me (and colleagues around the world), so that you can speed up progress with your own project, whatever level you’re currently at.

If you’re motivated to raise your profile – and can set aside a little time to do this – I’m confident I can show you some useful things to get you moving faster!

Visit https://jazzfuel.com/about/ for more information.

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