Zimplistic Co-CEO Pranoti Nagarkar is Today’s Honoree

In college, Pranoti Nagarkar invented an automatic iron for shirts – that’s when she realized that she could innovate and change lives. Now as the Co-CEO of Zimplistic, Pranoti co-invented the Rotimatic, the world’s first automatic flatbread making machine. Defining a new standard for kitchen tech, Rotimatic leverages the recent advances in Machine Learning to mirror human dexterity and judgement needed to make fresh flatbreads from dry flour in 60 seconds. She’s changing the future of kitchens, saving time and enabling healthier living for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, and forging a path ahead for women in the uber-competitive world of technology.

Born and raised in Pune, India, Pranoti grew up in a family with four generations of engineers. As a technology entrepreneur herself, she says she gets her logical, practical side from her father and her creative, rebellious side from her mother. And both sides have come together to create a powerhouse leader. Presently enjoyed by 70,000 families across the globe in 20 countries, Rotimatic has collectively saved over 500 years (and counting) of time while maintaining high levels of nutrition and healthy cooking. The innovative device is helping us take back our schedules and free up time for what’s really important – family, health, and peace of mind.

The journey has been one full of overcoming difficult challenges, from deep technical problems to  gender biases.  Pranoti has often been stereotyped and dismissed as an inventor and Chief Technology Officer, and she doesn’t have many female peers in the hardware business. From suppliers to investors, she often was not taken seriously; some even thought that she was good at cooking, which is why she was included in meetings! Yet, she has persevered, focused on her inventions and created a global phenomenon in the Rotimatic. 

Visit https://rotimatic.com/about-us/ for more information.

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