Everbowl CEO and Founder Jeff Fenster is Today’s Honoree

A serial entrepreneur whose main business principles are making friends and having fun! Fenster is focused on disruptive start-ups with vertical integration and revenue-driving innovation while cultivating and empowering top-tier leadership teams to foster the growth of successful brands.

A pioneer in the quick-serve restaurant category, Fenster is the founder of the rapidly expanding, So Cal-based superfood brand, everbowl™ which he established in 2016. everbowl is nationally recognized as a rising-star within the sector, making healthy superfoods accessible and affordable for everyone. With a growing footprint of retail locations in So-Cal and Arizona, Fenster is driving the monumental growth of everbowl, with plans to introduce the brand nationwide through both retail operations and a line of superfood-infused CPG products. As part of successfully scaling the brand, Fenster has spearheaded the implementation of innovative processes to streamline everbowl’s revenue-driving efficiencies in areas including operations, procurement, supply chain and construction.

As an inspiring mentor and team-builder, Fenster is dedicated to fostering a strong company culture where the motto is “make friends and have fun.” Fenster is also a proactive community advocate, generously contributing time and funds to his neighbors and everbowl customers.

Visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jfenster/ for more information.


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