The Autism Healthcare Collaborative Founder Dr. Paul Abend is Today’s Honoree

Autism Healthcare Collaborative Coordinates Care For Medically Complex Autism Individuals By Connecting Medical Experts to Families and Physicians Through Videoconferencing

The Autism Healthcare Collaborative (AHC) is an internationally recognized nonprofit that provides a multidisciplinary team approach to the identification and treatment of the complicated medical comorbidities of autism by connecting medical experts to families and physicians around the world through medical videoconferencing. The organization also offers innovative solutions for individuals with autism, across the spectrum and throughout their lifetime, through comprehensive case management, community outreach, advocacy, and education.

At the heart of Autism Healthcare Collaborative is The Autism Think Tank. Through video conferencing with their physician, families get a neurologist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, allergy immunologist and a neuropsychologist to consult with at the same time for one hour. All the doctors weigh in on what’s going on and advise the family’s doctor who is participating in the conference call on how to treat the individual, resulting in one coordinated treatment plan from five doctors as opposed to five independent plans from five doctors. By sharing their knowledge, The Autism Think Tank medical experts enable doctors across North America and in rural and underserved areas, to care for individuals who suffer from medically complex autism, thus, eliminating the unnecessary stress and expense of medical travel.

Autism Healthcare Collaborative was founded in 2009 — originally as Autism Think Tank — by Dr. Paul Abend who was inspired by his son living with medically complex autism. As Dr. Abend continues to navigate the challenges of each stage of life with his son, he shares what he has learned by bringing together leaders in the field of autism who help families and physicians find solutions to enable every individual to achieve their maximum potential.

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