Author Melissa Malcolm-Peck is Today’s Honoree

About The Author:

A Story of Love is an eye-opening memoir about facing death and finally learning to live. A mother of three young children survives a series of four heart attacks and undergoes a nineteen-year transformational journey toward trust, forgiveness, and gratefulness. Her three daughters have come together to finish her book, sharing her legacy of love and a message of hope.

In losing life repeatedly, Melissa and her family learned to continually refocus on recreating a picture of health in all areas of life. This helped her live a longer, healthier, and stronger life that anyone with major heart damage thought possible.

Melissa chose to live life to the fullest and chose to be of service to her family and community. The art of refocusing on healthy living and relationships can benefit anyone. This story offers an intimate look at the power of the human spirit, the bonds of family, and the mystery and miracle of grace.

About The Author:

Melissa Malcolm-Peck was an incredible wife and mother. She was a survivor of four heart attacks and a triple bypass, lived a very active and healthy lifestyle, completing a triathlon just weeks after open-heart surgery. Melissa fiercely loved her family, her friends, and her husband of thirty-five years.

After acquiring a master’s degree at Leeds School of Business, Melissa Malcolm-Peck became an entrepreneur and a guest lecturer at the University of Colorado. She spoke to medical groups, nurses, and doctoral students.

Melissa homeschooled her daughters, Brenna, Meagan, and Jacqueline, while working as Vice President of LaserCycle USA, a twenty-five-year sustainable document solution business in Louisville, Colorado. Melissa was also a guest editorial writer for the Boulder Daily Camera. Her short story “Passing Love On,” won first place at the Maui Writers Conference – the first narrative non-fiction to ever win.

Melissa is remembered daily for her strength, kindness, laughter, and resilience. Melissa is the founder of The Highest Image Foundation, an NGO serving at-risk children, abused animals, and the elderly. Her family resides in Boulder, Colorado.

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