Yoga Teacher and Wellness Advocate Melissa Ruiz is Today’s Honoree

I’m Melissa and I’m a RYT 200 yoga/meditation teacher and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I grew up playing sports in NJ and formally a WNBA cheerleader (that part of my life was so WILD). Today I’m most inspired by heath and wellness and living a toxic free life. I’m a minimalist who lives in a #tinyhome and obsessed with being eco-friendly and sustainable. I believe the best way to increase our overall health is by cutting out the toxins in our lives. And I’m not just talking about the products we use but toxic situations, toxic thoughts and toxic foods. So get into a comfortable seat at the top of your mat (just kidding this isn’t yoga class) just get comfy and cozy because I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to start your essential oil journey the right way! And when I say “we have an oil for that” I literally MEAN we have an oil for everything! (I’m not kidding about this part).

Visit for more information.

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