Awesome Company Worldwide CEO Bert Pope is Today’s Honoree

Resolutions can come in many forms. Some people will start 2020 with a commitment to eating healthier, begin exercising, or even to get organized. Others may focus on saving more money or learning a new hobby.

Many people discover that it doesn’t take long before the plan to be more, do more, and fix more in our lives quickly goes out the window as the weeks wear on.

Statistically speaking, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail as soon as February.

So, as the topic of New Year’s resolutions works its way into more of our conversations this month, the founder of the Awesome Company, encourages you to think of substituting new resolutions for just two small words, Be Kind.

Entrepreneur and dad, Bert Pope, developed Awesome, a free mobile application that promotes the spread of positivity by encouraging users to share with family and friends their acts of kindness by uploading links, videos or sharing a message/picture.

Whether you are giving back once or repeatedly, taking time to volunteer, practicing random acts of kindness, or donating to organizations, being kind empowers us and opens us up to new experiences and opportunities. 

About: Bert Pope is a father of four and the CEO of Awesome Company Worldwide, where he has launched the #BEAWESOME movement to make the world a better place.  Awesome is the social network for kindness is also providing fun tools to help create kindness challenges, to share out to other platforms as BE.AWESOME.ONE where members are encouraged and rewarded for doing and sharing acts of kindness in their daily lives. Bert is a passionate and visionary leader and his enthusiasm for creating a movement that has a positive impact on humanity is contagious.  He is a sincere and genuine person, a successful entrepreneur and a dynamic and relatable public speaker.

Visit for more information.


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