Clinical Researcher Dr. Harold N. Levinson is Today’s Honoree

For more than 50 years, world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Harold N. Levinson has trained his attention on understanding and treating dyslexia’s hidden origins. He came to view dyslexia as not just a “pure” reading comprehension disorder characterized by reversals, but rather a highly complex syndrome consisting of many and varied symptoms. And he has successfully treated more than 35,000 dyslexics, bringing a much needed depth of understanding, compassion and real help to those failing to cope with the daily challenges presented by this previously misunderstood and often devastating impairment. As a result, bright but dumb-feeling dyslexics—as well as those with related disorders—have been enabled to rapidly feel smarter and smarter.

How did he do it?

His latest book, Feeling Smarter and Smarter—Discovering the Inner-ear Origins and Treatment for Dyslexia/LD, ADD/ADHD and Phobias/Anxiety, explains his groundbreaking findings and his effective treatment process in easy-to-understand language. At the core of his research is his discovery that dyslexia—really its complex syndrome—is caused by one treatable signal-tuning dysfunction within the inner-ear and its supercomputing cerebellum.

In other words, when “dizzy” or scrambled signals adversely affect the functioning of multiple normal brain processors, corresponding difficulties may arise with:

·    reading, writing, spelling, math, memory, speech, direction and time
·    grammar, concentration/activity-level, balance and coordination
·    headaches, nausea, dizziness, ringing ears and motion-sickness
·    frustration levels and feeling dumb, ugly, klutzy, phobic and depressed
·    impulsivity, cutting class, dropping out of school and substance abuse
·    bullying and being bullied as well as anger and social interactions
·    becoming emotionally traumatized and scarred dysfunctional adults

Dr. Levinson shares the stories and photos of real patients, young and old, as they reveal both their reading and non-reading symptoms and their rapid, dramatic improvements after using simple and safe inner-ear enhancing medications and nutrients.

Feeling Smarter and Smarter is replete with discoveries and solutions—many that are both surprising and fascinating. For all dyslexics as well as their caring families, teachers and healers, Dr. Levinson’s inspiring work is nothing short of life-changing.

Finally, by similarly treating the coexisting signal-scrambling demon that Dr. Levinson found present in those with major brain processing disorders like Autism or ASD, traumatic brain injury, etc., they too can be helped—not cured. So as Dr. Levinson concludes, “The best is yet to come!”

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