Anti Bullying Advocate and Author Kalyani Pardeshi is Today’s Honoree

Anti-bullying campaigns in schools and communities get a lot of press, so have all the bullies in the world simply stopped being bullies just because there’s a heightened awareness of the issue? Of course not. More needs to be done, and some of the answers may lie between the covers of Unbullied – 14 Techniques to Silence the Critics: Externally and Internally from anti-bullying advocate Kalyani Pardeshi.

After attending an anti-bullying workshop at her child’s school, Pardeshi was struck by the realization that most of the tactics being taught today are just as ineffective as they were years ago. She drew upon her own experiences to pen strategies that worked for her.

In her book, readers will discover simple, yet effective, techniques for overcoming the debilitating effects of bullying, while ending the fear of suffering in silence, the fear of feeling powerless and the fear that no one will believe you. The author shares easy to use, compelling tactics developed from years of being bullied herself.

In this book, readers will learn a series of powerful techniques:

•    The “somersault,” to turn name calling on its head
•    The “sure pumpkin,” to have the perfect retort instantly
•    The “flip the switch,” to overcome negative self-talk and thoughts
•    The “3 I’s and a T,” to let go of the anger and hurt
•    The “loudspeaker,” to be heard and taken seriously by those who can help

Additionally, exercises accompany each chapter to help readers hone their strategies along the way. Plus, Pardeshi includes a letter template to show readers how to communicate effectively with those who have the authority to help them.

While being a handy guide for teens, parents and educators alike, the techniques provided in this book can be applied to all forms of bullying: verbal, social, physical and cyberbullying.

A strong advocate against bullying, Kalyani Pardeshi connects with teenagers through a mutual enemy: Bullying. She openly shares her own experiences of bullying and overcoming the emotional scars left by it. In her own words, she says it is safe to say that wherever she went, bullying followed her, leaving her no choice but to develop skills to silence her bullies and build self-confidence. A short story of her experiences was published on more than 500 websites, including local news sites under internationally recognized authority brands like ABC, NBC and Fox news. She has been interviewed by Chris Burns from Burn It Up Coaching and by Trisha Malika Ghosh on Soulful Saturdays.

To learn more about the author, please visit or connect with her on Facebook at

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Unbullied – 14 Techniques to Silence the Critics: Externally and Internally
Release Date: August 26, 2019
ISBN-10: 1079160361
ISBN-13: 978-1079160369
Available from

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