Olivia’s Organics President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis is Today’s Honoree

Olivia’s Organics, a leading supplier of organic tender leaf greens, spinach and celery hearts, recently announced a donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank as part of a special day-long telethon helping to shed light on food insecurity throughout the Bay State. Olivia DeMichaelis and Mark DeMichaelis, children of Olivia’s Organics President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis, presented the $2,500 donation on behalf of the Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation.

“My family has always taught us the importance of giving back and supporting those less fortunate,” said 17-year-old Mark DeMichaelis. “The telethon was a tremendous experience in what it means to put those beliefs into action.”

“I grew up learning about the important work of the Greater Boston Food Bank,” said President and CEO Mark DeMichaelis. “The opportunity to present this donation today is extremely meaningful, and I’m proud of my family’s role in fostering healthy habits and a better life for everyone in our community.”

The donation comes from proceeds of Olivia’s Organics sales and will go towards Greater Boston Food Bank’s mission of working to end hunger across Eastern Massachusetts by providing our neighbors in need the healthy food and resources necessary to thrive.

“Olivia’s has been a tremendous partner and force for good in our community for a long time,” said Catherine D’Amato, President and CEO of the Greater Boston Food Bank. “We’re grateful for their ongoing support. To receive this donation from the real-life Olivia behind Olivia’s Organics was particularly exciting.”

Last year, the DeMichaelis family was honored at the Greater Boston Food Bank Women Fighting Hunger Annual Breakfast.

“Olivia’s is a longtime believer in the Greater Boston Food Bank and the important work it does in our communities,” said President and CEO, Mark DeMichaelis. “This particular event was something special for me, though. As a father and the owner of our family business, I was so proud to see my own children presenting the donation and sharing the values we’ve worked to instill in our family and our business. It’s a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


About Olivia’s Organics Commitment to Giving Back

The Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation was created to support community-based charitable programs wherever Olivia’s products are sold. With every Olivia’s purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Foundation to support the work of many deserving local organizations. In addition to The Greater Boston Food Bank, the Foundation supports the Food Bank for New York City, Autism Speaks and the Kids Clothes Club.

Olivia’s Organics has also recently embarked on another way to give back and say thanks in local communities. This summer, Olivia’s began an in initiative known as the Random Acts of Freshness Tour. To date, Olivia’s employees, Olivia and her brothers, Mark and John, have visited more than 70 police and fire stations around the Greater Boston area. With each visit, the Olivia’s team offers a healthy and tasty lunch and thanks personal responders for keeping their communities safe. Olivia’s plans to expand the tour to include teachers, veterans’ affairs groups, health and human services organizations and other non-profits in the coming months.

About Olivia’s Organics

Olivia’s Organics brand is committed to providing the freshest and very best organic produce. From salad mixes to baby kale, cooking greens and more, Olivia’s nutrient-packed offerings are grown, harvested and packaged with a concern for people and the planet. With every Olivia’s Organics purchase, a percentage of proceeds goes directly to the Olivia’s Organics Children’s Foundation, which invests in opportunities and programs for children who live in the communities where Olivia’s Organics products are sold. For more information, visit www.oliviasorganics.org.  

About the Greater Boston Food Bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the country. Through the compassion and commitment of our supporters, staff, partners and volunteers, The Greater Boston Food Bank takes a bold, innovative and multi-pronged approach to achieve our mission to end hunger.

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