Author Kristin Hagen is Today’s Honoree

Almost nothing in the human experience can compare with having achieved the peak of wellness and performance and then having it all ripped away in a heartbeat. Kristin Hagen knows what that feels like.

Hagen at 19 was a competitive dancer with Team USA, a national award-winning organist, an original artist and a contestant for Miss Idaho USA. But it was 1994 and the airbag in the car in which she was riding was first-generation and high-powered enough to cause her serious injury. Three years later, lightning struck a second time and Hagen was once again the victim of the redesigned airbag, this time suffering severe and immediate demobilization from the sheer force of the deployment.

Through her faith and evolving 21st century healthcare, however, she was able to successfully reverse the effects of the trauma and recover her former level of wellness and mobility, essentially effecting her own cure. Hagen literally walked away from her experience with a profound respect for the ongoing shift in the way medicine is practiced, delivered, and integrated. Align Above: My Passionate Dance at Life! is the first in Hagen’s five-plus book series (with accompanying adapted screenplays) that Hagen says she hopes will motivate people to embark on their wellness journeys. Her screenplays, based upon her Align Above series, are available to movie producers serious about adapting her story into an original film.

“It’s time to make a movement, time to make a change and time to be truly well,” she says.

These days, Hagen provides many perspectives on health and wellness, including in the areas of nutrition, hands-on clinical care, nursing and clinical informatics, and advocacy. She develops custom solutions for clinicians and patients, designed around their needs.

To learn more about Hagen’s story, please visit the following:


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