Clusterbusters, Inc. Founder Bob Wold is Today’s Honoree

Bob is 65 years old and together with his wife Mary, of 46 years. have raised 4 children and are currently the proud grandparents of 9. He was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches approximately 40 years ago which eventually lead to his founding Clusterbusters, Inc. in 2002.

While raising his family, Bob spent 25 years as a youth sports coach for both boys and girls and spent several years as the President of one of the largest and most successful youth baseball leagues in the state of Illinois. Bob and his family also owned and operated a sports memorabilia store for many years in his home town of Lombard, Illinois.

Bob worked as a mechanical engineer and his accomplishments in that field include designs used in ICBM guidance systems, early versions of ATM machine mechanisms and the first soft serve ice cream machine for McDonald’s.
Many of his designs are still in use today. Bob eventually moved on to a family run construction business and continues today working full time in the construction industry.

In addition to his work as founder and President with Clusterbusters Inc., Bob sits on the Executive Board of AHDA (the Alliance for Headache Disorder Advocacy) and was one of the founding board members of AHMA (the American Headache and Migraine Association). Additionally, Bob is proud to serve many other positions within headache disorder advocacy groups including the National Headache Foundation’s Patient Advisory Council, the Eli Lilly Patient Advisory Board and the governance committee of CHAMP.

Bob’s work and accomplishments within the headache community include legislative initiatives and organizing events for the patient community and medical professionals in Washington DC. Among these successful issues have been the adoption of legislation, increased research funding, testifying before the FDA for additional treatment options and the formation of a training manual for SAMHSA.

Since the founding of Clusterbusters, the organization has grown to the largest cluster headache support and advocacy non-profit organization in the U.S. Bob’s work with Clusterbusters has included research projects carried out at institutions such as Harvard, Yale and the University of West Georgia in the United States, McGill University in Montreal Canada and Hannover Medical School in Hannover Germany.

Clusterbusters brings awareness and understanding of cluster headaches through such projects such as two National Geographic documentaries, magazine articles as well as TV, radio, newsprint and web based news outlets. Their education initiatives include regional patient meetings and highlighted by their annual patient conference. The 2019 conference will be their 14th and it’s annual growth continues to make it the largest gathering of cluster headache patients, caregivers and professionals in the world.

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