Author Cie Allman-Scott, Ph.D. is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Every time we make a great decision, we find ourselves in a better place than we were, and we build success quickly and sure-footedly, for each and every aspect of life.

Wherever you find yourself, if you’re struggling you’re doing it wrong.  Suffering is optional.

DECIDE YOUR FUTURE Write, Direct and Star in Your Life takes the uncertainty out of making decisions, builds confidence and assures your success. The 7 step process for making decisions works for any decision and yields personalized decisions honoring the values and goals of the user, not the author. Anyone can make timely and confident decisions and turn dreams into actual outcomes.

Every type of decision is addressed with  holistic, proven techniques that are easy to follow and create the desired direction of any user. This book promises to  improve every aspect of your life.

About The Author:

“Dr. Cie” is a “Media Psychologist” who has offered her body, mind and spirit tips and advice on network television for over 20 years. She has lectured in 5 continents on optimal brain performance and how it relates to health, wholeness and longevity. For decades, her writings have been featured in health and fitness magazines, blogs and videos. A former fitness trainer to the stars, she has shared Hollywood celebrities’ secrets of success with over 250 television interviews and continues to present lesser known gifts from “A- listers.”

Visit for more information.

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