Author Suzan Nguyen is Today’s Honoree

Suzan Nguyen couldn’t move her body. Couldn’t open her mouth. Couldn’t even blink her eyes to signal to those standing over her. She could hear the sirens. See the flashing lights. But she felt nothing. In the end, she would awake from her nightmare without her right arm, which had been severed above the elbow in a car accident. The trauma of the event proved life-altering for Nguyen, who was 22 at the time. She went on to make a series of bad decisions that affected herself, her family and her friends in ways she regretted for years to come.

In time, Nguyen realized that one day she would have to create her own change or her life would not get better.

“When one day became my day one, I took responsibility for my life and decided to be better, not bitter,” Nguyen relates. “I realized that focusing on losing my arm was keeping me from focusing on the good things in my life. I took action using a five-step process, which I now use to help others discover how to be better versions of themselves.”

One Arm But Not Unarmed is Nguyen’s empowering look at how she overcame bitterness and adversity, and eventually emerged with renewed determination to live her best life. This insightful book aims to help other trauma victims navigate life’s peaks and valleys through strategies for making good decisions, transforming their emotional responses to life’s inevitable ebb and flow, and ultimately knowing and living their purpose. Are you ready for one day to become day one?

Author Suzan Nguyen was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. She now lives in the Houston area and enjoys life with her husband, Phu, who is a talented chef. Nguyen is a transformative speaker and life coach who began the #bebetter movement in 2017. She completed classes at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, is a certified Happiness Chief Encouragement Officer, and is deeply fulfilled by helping others through telling her story, transforming perspectives, and shedding light on the journey all trauma victims experience.

To learn more about Nguyen, please visit Connect with her on Instagram at @suzan_nguyening and on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at Suzan Nguyening.

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