Musical Artist JustJohn is Today’s Honoree

“Black Fathers Day is a project designed to highlight the perspective of a young black dad in America. ATL based (and Jxn, Mississippi raised) artist/guitar player JustJohn. turned his innermost thoughts into an audio masterpieces.

By design, Black Father’s Day takes its listeners on an under represented but relatable journey. In a therapeutic effort, JustJohn. opens up about his experiences with college, relationships, and life altering decisions. All while figuring out how to father a 4 year old. Black Father’s Day is scheduled to release this Father’s Day, June 16th 2019 on all major platforms.”

JustJohn., born Justin Johnson, is a talented rapper/songwriter and musician from Jackson, MS. His relationship with music began as a child but his sound has since blossomed into a genre crossing multi-generational experience.

Between the different instruments he plays and his versatile lyricism JustJohn. is unlike any hip hop artist of his time. JustJohn. consistently manages to create music that is relatable, conceptually artistic, and catchy. In fact, the artist often combines honesty and entertainment to easily provide insight for marginalized groups of people such as young active fathers in America.

JustJohn. credits many artist/bands such as Little Richard, Led Zeppelin, Pastor Troy, Fall Out Boy and OutKast as early influences. This diverse set of early influencers (along with his individual passions) produce a rockstar vibe unlike all others. Simply put: If rock could rap, it would sound like JustJohn.

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