Author Romola Hodas is Today’s Honoree

Romola Hodas didn’t have to imagine it; because she lived it. Not only does Romola have a story to share with the world, but various essential expertise that are for multiple audiences produced as a bi-product of her very modern, and timely success story of turning her life’s tragedies into prevailing successes. With assorted parts of her story being chronicled in her book The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Times Square’s King of Porn,” Romola survived and thrived after a violent, chaotic, and unpredictable childhood. By the time she was 18 years old, she survived two kidnapping attempts, being sent to reform school, summering in the Catskills with members of the Colombo crime family, surviving verbal and physical abuse, and much more.

Miraculously, against all odds, Romola not only survived a childhood few people could fathom, but she thrived, becoming a successful businesswoman who now devotes her life to helping others. Additionally, as  a result of the many lessons she’s learned, and who she has become because of it all (for the better), Romola’s main goal is to help people that have gone through all forms of abuse and tragedy. Furthermore, she aims to teach people how to live their lives and overcome those two obstacles; not letting the pain experienced as a result of cruelty define the rest of their lives and who they can be.

Romola now lives life with what she calls a mission that is simple: “Escape mediocrity, claim greatness in spite of my difficulties, and turn my obstacles into gifts!” As a diversified entrepreneur and businesswoman, Romola has significant experience in public relations, marketing, advertising, human resources, community affairs, as well as a multiplicity of other areas. Becoming one of the natural food industry’s first women to own her own business as a broker, she has also developed and led corporate training programs and health awareness seminars for corporate staffs and other organizations.

Currently, Romola divides her time between Long Island, New York, and Boynton Beach, Florida, where she is building her newest business, Creating Harmony with Alcohol.” Under her new business, she will be helping those who are problem drinkers create a healthy and responsible relationship with alcohol, as well as instituting healing for her clients. Along with her consulting work, Romola does public speaking. She inspires people to see they too can overcome their obstacles through her story and her 6 mindset principles. These mindsets helped her learn to moderate her drinking and also help others to live the best lives they can!

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