Angel City Games Founder Clayton Frech is Today’s Honoree

For the tens of millions of people in the US who have physical disabilities, inspiration often comes in the form of seeing individuals with disabilities doing extraordinary things. And perhaps no one makes this more possible than Clayton Frech, founder of Angel City Sports, a leading adaptive sports organization based in Southern California. Their annual
Angel City Games presented by The Hartford, now in its 5th year, is one of the largest adaptive sports festivals in the country.

While Clayton and his family have been involved in the adaptive sports community since 2005, he started getting more engaged in 2013 when he realized how scarce opportunities were in the region. Leaving the corporate world behind, Clayton has taken an aggressive, entrepreneurial approach to solving the problems of access to sports, recreation, and an active lifestyle. Under Clayton’s leadership, the Games now has over 300 athletes participating, making it one of the largest events of its kind in the country; Angel City Sports is slated to do over 50 training clinics in 2019 and has acquired 80 pieces of adaptive sports equipment; and the organization’s outreach program solicits new athletes.

In addition to creating equality and inclusion in sports, these efforts are about transforming lives. Angel City Sports helps reduce social isolation and improves participants’ self-acceptance and self-confidence, enabling athletes to dream on and off the field of play.

And what is Clayton’s inspiration? This is where the story becomes even more special. Clayton’s son, Ezra, was born with a congenital limb difference, with one finger on his left hand and a lower left leg that was missing a knee and fibula. Yet, he overcame his challenges and has become a star adaptive athlete and inspiration to countless adaptive athletes across the globe.

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